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Flight Operations

Whether a flight can be performed safely and in the most efficient conditions depends on a number of significant factors that must be under control from the initial planning until the aircraft is parked at its destination.

af-aviation's role is to coordinate all these technical and operational factors such as the weather, overflight permits, route planning, aircraft performance, airport facilities, the aircraft’s technical condition or fuel requirements. The department has a key role within the company.

The Flight Operations Support department is composed of:
Flight Dispatch, Operations Control, Navigation, Performance, Landing and Overflight Permits

Why Use Us for Flight Operations

AF Aviation Ltd: Flight Dispatch


AF Aviation Ltd: Operations Control


AF Aviation Ltd: Navigation


AF Aviation Ltd: Landing & Overflight Permits


What We Cover With Flight Operations

Our team of dispatchers utilize advanced flight planning systems to generate the most efficient routings in accordance with your specific customized service plan. Flight Planning, Demo Flights, Delivery Packages and Trip Briefs, Real-Time Weather, Fuel Burn Analysis, Flight Following and much more
We provide expedited overflight permits and landing permits by employing our direct contacts with global Civil Aviation Authorities and a worldwide in-country agent network that ensures timely arrangements. Commercial Landing Permits, Tech Stop Permits, Overflight Permits, HAZMAT Permits, Diplomatic Permits, SFA, Airport Arrival & Departure Slots, PPR, EAPIS, TSA Waivers, GAR, General Declarations Forms and much more
Each participant of our worldwide ground handling agent network is ready to assist with every type of aircraft and operation. From an EMB175 operating a single-entity sports charter to an AN124F transporting oversized cargo, we coordinate all the required ground services. Aircraft Parking and Slots, Full Ramp Equipment, Passenger Services, Baggage Handling, Airport Authority Coordination, De-icing Services, Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Preparation, Catering Arrangements, Hotel Accommodations, Ground Transportation and much more
We provide experienced and reliable crews who are appropriately licensed and type-rated to operate an array of commercial aircraft. Beneficially located throughout the world, our flight crew services offering provides an economical solution to your flight crew needs for aircraft ferry, demonstration and observer flights.
At times, conducting a non-revenue flight is a necessity for your operation. We can provide all the required services for such a flight while your staff maintains its regularly scheduled duties supporting your timetabled flights.
Uncontrollable factors sometime dictate that a flight must deviate from its originally scheduled route. We have the experience to provide immediate assistance by coordinating all the necessary services at your new, unplanned landing location. In the event your aircraft makes an unscheduled diversion, af-aviation will quickly make itself available to fully co-ordinate with the ground services so as to minimise the disruption. Using our global network of contacts, af-aviation will provide those services quickly and efficiently.
Take advantage of the benefits that come with using an aviation leader in aviation fuel: competitive prices, quality control, logistics management and price risk assistance. You’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing that wherever you fuel up, our dedicated, on-site professionals are there to guarantee exceptional quality and service 24/7.

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What Our Customers Say

Many thanks for your services. Great help and only good words for you and your company. Without you guys it would have been much more of a hassle all the way to Greenwood.

Best Regards,

Petur Borgarlíð - Atlantic Airways

I received a phone call from the PIC on the A320 repossession and your name came up. He asked me to thank you for all your help with Naples and out of all of the flight companies we have used, Jeppesen and World Fuel, he says you are by far the best. I can only echo his words. Thank you.

Best regards


The leg from Moscow actual time was 3+24 (versus 3+23 on your flight plan); fuel burn was 6980lbs (6922lbs on the plan) we flew higher initially then London brought us down very early which is usually the case.

Overall, very pleased and all services in Moscow went smoothly for us and the passenger.

Very many thanks.

Rob C

I’m responsible for all new aircraft acceptance and also all aircraft lease returns. Most of these require transit of either the Atlantic or Pacific oceans. I have been working with af-aviation and in particular Andy Farmer for over 6 years. They are an OUTSTANDING company and know everything about moving aircraft around the world and we have 24/7 communication with them when moving our aircraft.

We currently have a contract in place with them for support of new induction aircraft. You’re not going to find a better support company.


John Roe - Director, Flight Operations Training, Frontier Airlines

Thanks for all of the good work on the planning for the delivery from EIDW to FGSL.

All worked out seamlessly.

Best wishes


I have been ferrying aircraft for the last 15 years. I have probably used all the flight planning services available. Apart from them being expensive I was generally let down by them on a continuing basis. I would arrive somewhere ready to go and the flight plan wasn't filed or the handling agent had not been notified.

I switched to using Andy’s services and these problems vanished overnight. His extensive worldwide contacts are also very helpful. He seems to know someone in every country and that includes the aviation authorities he talks with to get the overflight permits. The recent flight we did was from Kingman, Arizona to Kabul, Afghanistan. Total 14 different countries and 4 flight plans. It all went smoothly as it always does. People on the ground are always ready for me and the turn-rounds are quick.



Andy is one of the hardest working people in the Flight Services industry. Always diligent, responsible and completely professional in his approach, Andy will provide the best value for money and the right solution for the job in hand.

A very personable individual and totally true to his word. One of those people you can actually say you enjoy working with for sure and there are very, very few of these people around today.

David Guest – Managing Director Sigma Energy Group

Andy’s knowledge in Flight Operations and Ground Handling is second to none. Never had to ask for things to be done they just were. That sums up Andy, absolutely reliable at all-time day or night 24/7.

He reads the situation and solves the problem. That is why Andy has risen to bigger and better things in his life.

Alan Russell - Managing Director Fast Approach Ltd

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