Flight Planning

Offering a comprehensive planning service that includes a wide range of aircraft types from Cessna 172 to B747-8’s.

Worldwide flight planning is conducted in-house using the latest technology available but at a fraction of the normal cost associated with such services.

Our software has over 200 generic aircraft types from which performance data is used from manufacturers flight manuals. We adjust and fine tune parameters so as to meet customer requirements thus ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

To file flight plans into the ATC network, we have access to the world-wide ATC system via our own AFTN and SITA networks.

For European flights, we have direct access to the Central Flow Management Unit (CFMU) whereby we monitor and adjust ATC slots, delay or change flight plans and can see in advance where routes will encounter delays. Thus we can re-route and avoid such delays; all in the tactical stages.

  • ATC preferred routes
  • ETP’s / PNR’s
  • FIR avoidance
  • Gear down or un-pressurised scenarios
  • Graphical and text weather information
  • Satellite images
  • Navigation fee summary and charges
  • Delivery service – web portal, APP, email, fax, FMS & Datalink via GDC, Universal, ARINC
  • Custom design flight logs

Latest Projects

Boeing 737-800

11/05/22 - Ferry flight project from USA to Ireland for a long term US based customer.

Airbus A320-216

04/05/22 - Ferry flight project from UK to Italy on behalf of a long term Ireland based customer.

Bombardier Q400

28-30/04/22 - Ferry flight project from Taiwan to Australia on behalf of a long term Australia based customer. Services provided included flight planning, JETA1, ground handling logistics, permits and crew.

Airbus A330-200

27/04/22 - Air test flight in France for a long term Ireland based customer.

Boeing 737-800

22-26/04/22 - Demo flight in Spain and ferry flight to Lithuania on behalf of a long term Ireland based customer.

Airbus A320-216

09/04/22 - Ferry flight planning and co-ordination services provided for a long term Ireland based customer.

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