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Recently completed ferry flight projects.

Airbus A320-232

01/07/21 - Flight planning, fuel and permit assistance provided for this ferry flight from Philippines to Perth, WA.

Boeing 737-500

25-29/06/21 - Ferry flight project for a Singapore based customer. Routing UK to Tianjin, China via Samara and Almaty.

Cessna Citation 750

30/06/21 - Ferry flight project from USA to UK for a long term UK based customer.

Embraer 190

10-11/06/21 - Ferry flight project from Perth, Australia to South Africa on behalf of Cobham Aviation. Support services included flight planning, ground services co-ordination, permits, JETA1 and general logistical planning.

Boeing 737-800

03-04/06/21 - Ferry flight project from China to USA for a long term US based customer. Services included flight planning, permits, JETA1, ground support and biz-jet ramp transfer co-ordination in China.

Airbus A330-200

02/06/21 - Flight planning assistance for this delivery flight on behalf of a long term Ireland based customer.

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