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Recently completed ferry flight projects.


09-11/09/21 - Ferry flight project support for a long term Ireland based customer. Routing from USA to Germany, full ops support was provided including flight planning, permits, ground services, JETA1.

Boeing 737-300

19/08/21 - Ferry flight project from Florida USA, to Colombia for a US based customer.

Cessna 560

29-30/07/21 - Ferry flight project from USA to UK for a Middle East based customer.

Beech Baron 58

21-23/-7/21 - Ferry flight project from USA to Estonia for a long term US based customer. Services included flight planning, AVGAS supply, ground services co-ordination and general logistical planning.

Embraer Phenom 100

21-23/07/21 - Ferry flight project from USA to UK for a US based customer.


14-18/07/21 - Ferry flight project from Indonesia to Denmark for a long standing Denmark based customer. Full ops support provided including permits, ground services, JETA1, flight planning and general logistical support.

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